Cooperation between Ukraine and Russia in energy systems can lead to gas discounts for Ukraine, Russian Ambassador to Ukraine Mikhail Zurabov said, answering journalists' questions about what will reduce the Russian gas price for Ukraine, ForUm correspondent reports.

"When we talk about energy cooperation between Ukraine and Russia in the context of the prospects of the Ukrainian gas transportation system, we put the question of its load. Consequently, any scheme of cooperation, which will be offered in the future, it could be a lease of the Ukrainian GTS, consortium or joint venture, sets certain conditions, which would then be defined, formulated and implemented under certain agreement - the sufficient load parameters of the Ukrainian GTS to ensure that it is not degraded.

For the incomes, which GTS will receive from the transit of Russian gas to Europeans, are enough to keep it in good condition," he said.
Answering the clarifying question about the most viable scheme of cooperation in the GTS, Zurabov said that, most likely, it is a bilateral consortium.

He added that if the development of this project continues, it can result in more serious redistribution of assets and then, most likely, Ukraine will receive gas price discounts.

"Of course, such a decline in gas prices does not assume the figures, comparable with those that Ukraine would receive in case of deepening CU integration, but this reduction is significant. I assure you that it can change the situation in the Ukrainian economy," Zurabov said.

Zurabov did not specify the figure, but noted he knows it.



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