Recently, on one of internet-forums, I came across a three-year-old question "Who is this Apocalypse? And why nobody wants him to come?". Well, there is no need to say that the answers were not very kindhearted. The young man, who dared not to know about the coming doomsday, was openly taken for a ride.
However, thanks to the aggressive promotion campaign of the Doomsday, every soul now knows about the coming end. In the majority of countries, people have been preparing long and actively. Someone took the problem seriously, like Dutchman Johan Huibers, who has finished his 20-year quest to build a full-scale, functioning model of Noah’s Ark and put stuffed and plastic animals, such as buffalo, zebra, gorillas, lions, tigers, bears, you name it. Others, like the Chileans, take the problem easier. According to the public polls, on December 21 the third part of them intends to mike and demand salary in advance.
On the post-Soviet space, Ukraine in particular, the end of the world has pure Slavic taste. In fact, Ukrainians intend to celebrate the doomsday. So, to sum up the preparation process in Ukraine, we pointed out the following:

1. On the news we were told to prepare a survival kit, including candles, matches, canned food and valerian.

2. TV repeatedly broadcast documentaries regarding doomsday topic.

3. Through e-mails we received letters containing the prophecy of the Tibetan monk, who said that from December 21 Earth would begin to pass through the galactic 'zero band' - a no-energy space. There will be complete darkness and silence with no electricity and communications for over two months.

4. Registered users received offers to celebrate the doomsday in some exotic places, Abkhazia Mountains for examples.

5. Night clubs held theme parties to rehearse the death of the planet.

6. Enthusiasts learned about baktuns (cycles of the ancient Maya Long Count Calendar) and that with current 13th baktun the calendar finishes.

7. The majority of us were saying it was nonsense, but deep in hearts at least once we asked ourselves what if it is truly the end.
8. Show business stars reported they would hide in bunkers...
9. ... while Ukrainian politicians laughed at the very idea. The Emergencies Ministry even reported it had not received any orders to get ready for Apocalypses.
Are you in the Maya subject?

Wide discussions about Maya predictions started several years ago. Internet was full of quasi-documentaries about the coming doomsdays, and with the beginning of 2012 the campaign "Armageddon-2012" came into its principal phase. So, if you have not heard about the coming end, you are out of the subject.

However, those who managed to make money out of the dark prediction were totally IN the subject. VIP-construction and trade sphere has brought especially high income. Those, who do not want to die, paid huge money for a room in an underground refuge or dug out their own refuges. Refuge construction boom affected all parts of the world. Underground bunkers have been built in US, Europe, Australia. In Moscow, for example, one can meet the doomsday in the Stalin's bunker (the deepest in the world) for only half a million of rubles.
Ukrainians businessmen found an easier solution and offered their clients to spend the doomsday in a root cellar or a storage at cheaper price - 4 thousand hryvnias only. It would be difficult to calculate the exact expenses, as the majority of rich clients keep the prices, as well as the very fact of refuge construction, in secret.

And if the world disaster does not happen on December 21, the owners of refuges can keep rooms for new armageddons. Another doomsdays have scheduled for 2021 (change of the magnetic field of Earth), for 2036 (fall of asteroid Apophis) and even for 3797. According to other predictions, the end of everything will come in five billion years, when the Sun will 'consume' Earth. There are plenty of variants...

Meanwhile, we have already forgotten the doomsdays, which have never happened, like the one on September 21 of this year or those in 1999, 1666 and 999 years.

Quality time

Having talked to relatives, friends and colleagues, I realized that the majority of people wonder how to spend this day. Some people intend to get drunk, some people intend to pray, while others plan to go to a beauty center... If you are also at a loss, we give you some recommendations:

1. Go to Chichen Itza, Mexico - cultural center of Maya, to see the performance first-hand. 

 2. Ask a Ukrainian billionaire to share the bunker room with you.

3. Go to a port and try to rent an ark. At least you will have fun.

4. Read survival manuals. The information might come in handy.

5. Watch as many alien movies as you can to be ready for the meeting.

6. And quite seriously, spend Friday as usual - work, socialize, make plans for the weekend. ForUm, for example, goes to a bowling club. And if the Doomsday does happen, we will meet it decently, in a close-knit team.


7. And quite seriously, spend Friday as usual - work, socialize, make plans for the weekend and do not bother your head with evil dates.

Alina Yeremeyeva


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