U.S. Ambassador to Ukraine John Tefft considers that low gas prices will not solve the Ukrainian economic issues, he wrote in an article in the Kyiv Post publication.

"Cheap gas is not a solution of the Ukrainian economic problems. It will not make the Ukrainian companies competitive in the global market ... On the contrary, they will only dependent on fuel, inefficiency and corruption, as it was in the past. The Ukrainians should pay the market price for their energy, like people all over the world," the Ambassador said.

He said that when Ukraine's western neighbors faced with such issue, it led to the reduction in energy consumption and to the use of internal sources.

He also believes that the market prices for gas will help Ukraine to agree with the International Monetary Fund.

The Ambassador stressed that the agreements with the IMF are not intended for permanent financing and include conditions aimed at helping the country to hold the necessary reforms to build a solid financial foundation and economic growth.

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