Prime Minister Azarov has congratulated law enforcement officers on their professional holiday and outlined priorities for reforming the Interior Ministry, ForUm correspondent reports.

In particular, the Prime Minister stressed that priority attention should be focused on the improvement of the practical use of the new Code of Criminal Procedure rules.

"Due to the adoption of the new Code, the police face new challenges as the Code provides for more modern and more humane methods to combat crime," the Prime Minister said.

Azarov emphasized that reforms must be carried out carefully, "to prevent a reduction in the investigative and operational units".

The Premier noted the need for effective use of funding and regrouping functions between the Interior Ministry structures. There is also a need to create decent working conditions, ensuring the stability of personnel.

"Special attention should be concentrated on the disengagement, specifying the functions of law enforcement and government agencies in the fight against crime ... to improve the information security," he added.

Azarov emphasized that the results of the Interior Ministry reforming can be achieved, provided the understanding and support of the society in the process. Moreover, "it is the interaction between the police with our people, which is the foundation of the rule of law".

The PM also read out the President’s greetings addressed to the policemen and took part in the awarding of law enforcement officers and delivery of regular and special titles.

Speaker of the Verkhovna Rada Volodymyr Rybak has congratulated the law enforcement officers as well.

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