The idea of the coming doomsday has its positive aspects, Oksana Gomel, a psychologist and director of "Helios" Academy of development, told the press conference "Is there life after the doomsday?"

According to her, for many people the doomsday "must become a threshold for revision of their lives." "Many people need to stop and sum up their lives, to think about themselves and their families. Our current rhythm of life does not provide any time for this," the psychologist said, ForUm correspondent reports.

Moreover, according to her, the doomsday is a good opportunity to train basic fear. "Fear is a basic emotion which makes people act and move on... This is the right case to collect the forces and take care about our lives," she noted.

At the same time, Gomel underlined that those who believe in the doomsday are people inclined to neurotic disorder, bored housewives and people, who need to mark up their importance. "Such people think that they take part in the important event and take care about themselves and their dearest," the specialist told.

According to her, for some people the doomsday is also an opportunity to abandon the reality or lift responsibility.

As known, the doomsday is expected on December 21, 2012.


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