Ukraine has not applied officially for membership in the Customs Union and now seeks for advantageous variants of cooperation with this organization, Russian President Vladimir Putin told a press conference Thursday. 

"The matter does not concern Ukraine's membership in the Customs Union as there has not been any official application," Putin said.

According to him, Ukraine has economic problems regarding the transfer of a number of functions to the supranational organ of the Customs Union, in particular the authority to allocate import quotas for pipes, RIA Novosti reports.

"Ukrainian partners are now seeking the way out of the situation. They are trying to find such a format of cooperation to satisfy Ukraine and to meet legal norms of the Customs Union," Russian President said.

As a reminder, President Yanukovych declared that Ukraine must join certain regulations of the Customs Union to keep the economy balanced.

Russia expects Ukraine to join the Customs Union by 2015.


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