World Savings Day is committed to the idea of saving money in order to gain a higher standard of life and to secure the economy, as well as planning of expenses, executive director of the Independent Banks Association of Ukraine (NABU) Serhiy Mamedov told the press conference "Results of the World Savings Day in Ukraine".

"The first World Savings Day in Ukraine was held in the period from October 31 to November 30. About 20 banks participated in the project. The main idea of the World Savings Day is to promote the very process. Savings is the basis of stability and security for every family in particular and for the state in general," he said.

Mamedov also noted that if we analyze the banking systems of Ukraine and other countries, Germany for example, they are not so much different technologically (changing of the idea, structure, business risks).

According to him, the only significant difference is the level of population trust in the banking system.
"It is important for Ukraine to speak about savings and to improve the financial literacy of the population to make people feel more confident, because a person with savings is better protected," he said.

Mamedov added that this month 3495 new accounts have been opened for people of various ages, stating from 9 and up to 51 years old. The deposit rates make 25%for hryvnia, 10% for dollar and 7% for euro accounts. The positive results is that 75% of accounts have been opened in national currency.

The most active regions, participated in the World Savings Day, are Kyiv, Crimea, Donets, Dnipropetrovs, Lviv and others.

The NABU official also noted that the next year the Association expects more than 50 banks to join the project.

The first World Savings Day in Ukraine was held on the initiative of NABU and German bank of development KfW, which acts upon charge of the Finance Ministry of Germany and upon support of the National Bank of Ukraine.


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