Starting from January 1, 2013, every Ukrainian can use via Internet the e-public cadastral map, which shows a digital map of Ukraine, the borders of regions, districts, villages, individual land parcels and their boundaries, cadastral numbers, ownership, purpose, as well as map with characteristics of soils of the Ukrainian lands, head of the State Agency for Land Resources of Ukraine Serhiy Tymchenko told a conference "Land reform: Implementation of the national cadastral system," ForUm correspondent reports.

Tymchenko said that Ukraine is one of the last European countries that decided to form the cadastral system. "It gave us some privileges. We had an opportunity to invite the best European specialists," the official stressed.

He noted that all the information will be kept in two data centers - main and backup. "The main center can contain 600 terabytes of information on its server," the official said.

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