The Parliament may work in plenary mode more rarely after making appropriate changes to the Rules, MP from the Party of Regions Volodymyr Makeyenko, tasked to work out amendments to the Rules, said, ForUm correspondent reports.

Makeyenko recalled that the Parliament of the seventh convocation is the qualitatively new Parliament, in which single-mandate MPs work as well.

"We understand that it would be difficult to vote personally, working in plenary mode as many days as we work at the same time fulfilling the norm of the Constitution and the law on the Rules," he said.
According to MP from the Party of Regions, "we want to introduce these norms in the Rules and we want 445 MPs to support the Rules".

"There can be written a rule about the number of days to work in the Parliament. It may be one day, for example, Thursday. There may be additional days: Tuesday, Thursday or Wednesday.
Everything can remain as it is, but I think that this will not happen," he said.

Makeyenko said that he was instructed to amend the Rules, since he was the head of the regulatory committee and has considerable experience of work in the Parliament.

"I'm ready for anything. I have started this process. Colleagues join me, saying that we really need to find an option to have time to talk to the media, to work in the committees, in constituencies, to find the best option for all the MPs," Makeyenko concluded.

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