The realization of the policy of European integration may face complications due to the composition of the newly elected parliament, Kost Bondarenko, chairman of the Institute of Ukrainian politics, told the roundtable "Who gains from signing the Association agreement between Ukraine and the EU", ForUm correspondent reports.

"In the parliament of sixth convocation there was only one faction standing against eurointegration course. Current parliament has two such factions. I believe euointegration may face difficulties," he said.

Bondarenko also noted that last week Ukrainain experts delivered a statement addressed to the leadership of the European Union regarding the signing of the Association agreement. Oleksandr Sushko, one of the authors of the initiative, states that the agreement must be signed as soon as possible. Already 50 experts have joined the initiative as of today.

"Earlier we said there could be a pause before signing the agreement. Today we say there is no longer such possibility. The whole course of European integration can be revised on the ground of saving the budget," Sushko summed up.


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