About 30 members of the World Trade Organization have agreed to hold negotiations with Ukraine to review the existing duties on mutual trade, the Government Plenipotentiary for European Integration Valery Pyatnitsky informed.

"More than 20 countries have already confirmed their consent to negotiate. We continue receiving such confirmations. There will be about 30 countries, with which we will conduct such negotiations. I think that most of those concerned want to consult or negotiate," Pyatnitsky said.

According to him, among the countries, agreed to the talks, are the U.S., Canada, Brazil, Australia, Turkey, Norway, Mexico, Uruguay, China, Japan, Korea and the EU.

Pyatnitsky also said that direct negotiations would take place within two months, but if necessary they can be prolonged.

"The talks will be held as long as necessary, at least - 2 months. In some countries there is one or two negotiating positions, and negotiations can be carried out in time, and some countries have a lot positions, so we may have to continue the negotiations," Pyatnitsky said.



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