Information about alleged devaluation of the national currency is groundless, Yuri Horshkov, head of the NBU department on currency frauds told the direct line on "What do we introduce 10% fee on currency operations for?", ForUm correspondent reports.

"There were rumors in 2011 that hyvnia exchange rate would rise up to 15 per one dollar. Like in that movie, every year we have a tradition to publish an article on the New Year eve about how everything will go bad," he said.

As for the dollar rate, Horshkov underlined that after the introduction of 10% fee on currency operations, "the rate will reflect the real economic situation without speculative component."

Moreover, NBU official pointed out that the amount of currency sold by the population has increased twice and keep growing. "The amount of currency for purchase is proportionally decreasing," he informed and added that the current trend will continue.


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