Ukraine condemns any attempt to rehabilitate and glorify the Nazi ideology, but does not consider the text of the UN General Assembly resolution on inadmissibility of glorification of Nazism quite a balanced assessment of the actions by the Ukrainian Insurgent Army.

This was announced today by the Ukrainian FM spokesman Oleg Voloshyn at the Moscow-Kyiv video conference on "Glorification of Nazism. Can we stay away?"

At the end of November, the General Assembly adopted the resolution entitled “Glorification of Nazism, the inadmissibility of certain practices that contribute to escalation of contemporary forms of racism, racial discrimination, xenophobia and intolerance related to them”. Ukrainian delegation abstained from voting.

"For the Ukrainian authorities and the majority of the population there is no discussion on the subject that any attempts to rehabilitate the Nazi ideology are inadmissible. However, the Ukrainian Insurgent Army, whose members fought against the Soviets in 1945-1952 is quite different issue. How can this struggle be qualified as aiding Nazism?" Voloshyn said.

In turn, deputy chairman of the Russian Federation Council on constitutional law, legal and judicial issues, the development of civil society Aleksandr Savenkov said that the World War II ended with the Nuremberg International Military Tribunal and stressed that "this is the one legal basis on which we should build our relation towards Nazism".



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