In fall of 2012, Ukrainian banks have shown record profits and have significantly reduced the amount of bad loans, said the National Bank of Ukraine regulatory and methodological support for banking regulation and supervision department director Natalia Ivanenko told in interview.

According to the NBU, the banking system of the country this year has become profitable for the first time in the last few years. Moreover, banks earned a record amount of more than a billion hryvnia in October.

"The banking system is increasing its active and passive operations. - Ivanenko said. - The lending rates are not high, but the absolute increase in loans for the year - 25 billion - is a good figure. The banking sector shows the increase in public confidence. Since the beginning of the year, volume of deposits has increased by 45 billion hryvnia".

The National Bank also informs that non-performing loans of Ukrainian banks this year has fallen by 12 billion hryvnia. The financial indicators of stability of the majority of national banks are even higher than that of many European and American banks.

"The stability of the domestic banking system does not cause any doubts. - Ivanenko said. - In general, Ukrainian banking system is in a normal condition".

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