The State Inspectorate of Technogenic Safety of Ukraine forecasts growth in technogenic emergencies this month, head of the Inspectorate Viktor Polishchuk has told a press conference today, ForUm correspondent reports.

"We expect 3-9 extreme cases of natural character in December. However, the situation is quite different with the technogenic emergencies. They are expected to increase by 15%. This traditionally occurs every year, and we are preparing for it," he said.

However, Polishchuk informed that according to statistics, this year’s situation with man-made emergency situations is slightly better. In general, 192 emergencies, including 128 man-made and 64 natural happened in Ukraine as of today, which is 5% less than in the past. The number of the dead and injured people has decreased as well. So, this year, 284 people died and 770 have been injured. Whereas in 2011, 327 people died and 518 were injured.

However, according to Polishchuk, these figures cannot be comforting, as an increase in technogenic emergencies is usually observed in December.

"The risk of poisoning gas will rise in December. Usually these poisoning double the number of the infectious diseases. This is reasoned by the fact that people use furnace heating, people are poisoned by carbon monoxide," he said.

According to the head of Inspectorate of technogenic security, first there is a risk of fires and explosions - explosions in the coal industry and coal mines. There is also a great risk of emergencies in the life-supporting infrastructure.

Polishchuk has urged all authorities and services responsible for civil security of the population to continuously monitor situations in areas prone to flooding and floods, as well as to provide the ability to quickly respond to emergency situations involving fire, to inform the relevant executive authorities of the need to gain control over compliance with road rules.



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