According to the findings of doctors, following the examinations conducted, the health of the convict was found to be satisfactory, and there has been improvement compared to the previous examination, the State Penitentiary Service press office statement reads.

The doctors stated the absence of any grounds for Lutsenko’s inpatient treatment.

The State Penitentiary Service press office also informs that doctors from the Chernihiv Regional Hospital had provided their recommendations for Lutsenko's further medical treatment, which, if he agrees, will be fulfilled by the medical staff of the Mena penal colony.

In addition, the statement reads that the convict has refused a recommendation related to surgery
In accordance with the findings of a medical commission, due to the absence of any grounds regarding inpatient treatment, as well as due to his refusal to undergo medical procedures (which are not mandatory and are performed in a planned manner at the request of the patient), Lutsenko was returned to the Mena penal colony.
"If the convict expresses the desire to undergo the procedures proposed by doctors, he will be delivered to Chernihiv Regional Hospital for this purpose," the State Penitentiary Service said.

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