40% of Kyiv sidewalks have not yet sprinkled with salt, first deputy chairman of the KCSA Oleksandr Mazurchak said during extended staff meeting, ForUm correspondent reports.

"I realize now that it's snowing and sidewalks can not be sprinkled normally, but 40% of sidewalks are still not sprinkled. We have photographic images, and now we come to the tough measures regarding legal and physical entities, who are not clearing the area around, including public employees," he said.

Mazurchak noted that, according to the meteorologists, today it will continue snowing till midnight.
According to him, the snow should be removed and sprinkled with salt right now, as the snow on sidewalks can be covered with crust.

Mazurchak said that the penalty for violation of provision of urban amenities for officials will be from 850 to 1700 UAH, and for individuals - from 340 to 1300 UAH.

In addition, he noted that in the capital there is a problem with slippery steps in underground passages, which citizens often complain about. However, according to Mazurchak, Kyiv authorities have instructed the underground stations management to urgently remedy this.

In turn, the chairman of the KCSA Oleksandr Popov noted that the current situation is non-standard, but the city government will deal with it.



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