The National Bank of Ukraine stands for prolonging the transition period of introduction of pension duty for currency exchange operations to be collected from individual persons.

"On NBU initiative we consider to prolong the transition period for another month. Thus, people will have not two, but three months to get used to the initiative and to decide how much currency to exchange and how much to keep," chairman of the NBU committee on fraud prevention Yuri Gorshkov informed.

Moreover, the official reported that NBU stands for decrease of the duty rate - down to 10% - to be collected from individual persons for currency exchange operations and sent to the Pension Fund
As a reminder, chairman of the parliamentary committee on finances submitted on November 16 a draft bill providing for introduction of a duty to be sent to Pension Fund in the amount of 15% of currency exchange deal.

On December 3, MP Valery Shamanov proposed to reduce the amount of the rate to 10%. Bankers and experts agreed this variant was more appropriate.


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