The National Bank of Ukraine favors the introduction of a 10 per cent levy to the Pension Fund from the sale of foreign currency by individuals, not 15 percent levy, as was announced earlier.

"This is the National Bank made the relevant proposal and insisted that the rate of the levy on sales of foreign currency was not 15%, but 10%," the chairman of the committee for the prevention of unfair currency transactions NBU Yuri Horshkov said.

The financier said that the regulator has come to the conclusion after the long consultations with expert community.

"We decided to listen to the opinions of experts and market participants and to reduce this levy threshold. Frankly, for us, the level of the rate itself was not very important as the fact of accepting levy to combat currency speculators," the representative of the regulator said. At the same time, he said, a bill will be discussed in the Parliament in the near future.


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