Denmark has decided to stop providing assistance to Ukraine in the sphere of combating and preventing human trafficking, Ambassador of Denmark in Ukraine Michael Borg-Hansen told a a press conference dedicated to the awards ceremony for achievements in combating human trafficking.

"Denmark has invested about $ 5 million in improving the control and prevention human trafficking in Ukraine ... Denmark is now winding down its assistance with the hope that Ukraine will be able to handle itself," he said.

The ambassador said that his country's decision was reasoned by the fact that the Ukrainian government is committed in this area. According to him, Denmark has helped many countries, including Ukraine.

"We are glad that Ukraine is progressing in this issue and we can now help the countries in the greater need," he added.

The ambassador noted that the Ukrainian authorities have managed to create an effective mechanism for assistance to victims of trafficking, the system of combating and prevention, as well as the relevant institutions.

At the same time, he said, if Ukraine wants to be among the leaders in the fight against human trafficking, it is necessary to find the tools and resources to teach appropriate social workers and law enforcement officers, to carry out judicial reform.

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