Foreign Ministry of Ukraine declares that introduction of biometric passports is one of the main criterions of the Plan of Actions on liberalization of visa regime with the European Union.

According to FM spokesman Oleksandr Dykusarov, with signing the law on single state demographic registry by President Viktor Yanukovych Ukraine has fulfilled the key requirement within the preparation to the cancellation of visa regime with the EU.

Dykusarov also noted that after introduction of the visa free regime for Ukrainians biometric passports will become an obligatory document for visa free travel to the EU.

At the same time, the official denied information, spread in some mass media on alleged requirement to be introduced by the EU from June 1, 2013 on obligatory possession of biometric passports by citizens of the third countries for travelling to the EU countries.

According to Dykusarov, the Code of Shengen borders provides that citizens of third countries can cross EU borders with valid travel document and visa, if required. "Thus, according to the current EU legislation, Ukrainians can keep travelling to the EU with foreign passports and valid visas," the official said.


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