As of today, most cases of erectile dysfunction can be treated successfully, sexologist and andrologist, head doctor of intimate medicine clinic for whole family "Men's health" Yuriy Zaseda told a press conference "Why do 18-year-old men become impotent", ForUm correspondent reports.

"If we talk about erectile dysfunction, then as of today, most of these cases are treated. According to the international estimates, 98% of cases are treated conservatively (without surgery) and only 2% with the operation," the doctor declared.

He noted that every year more and more men in the world complain of erectile dysfunction. "But this does not show an increase in the incidence. Men have become more open with doctors and their partners, and partners force men to consult specialists," Zaseda stressed. However, he admitted that a number of infertile men grows every year.

He recommends the men to exclude products of wheat, fat pork, fried foods and limit sweets to maintain the health. The doctor suggests to replace junk food with marine fish, seafood, white meats, vegetables, dairy products and nuts in small amounts. 

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