Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych addressed to Ukrainians on the occasion of the 21st anniversary of the All-Ukrainian referendum to confirm the act of declaring Ukraine's independence.
"Today is the anniversary of the outstanding event of Ukrainian history. On December 1, 1991 during the All-Ukrainian referendum the majority of Ukrainian citizens supported the act of declaring Ukraine's independence. The manifestation of the national accord remains an example of consolidated actions of the nation for the sake of their future," the President said.

Yanukovych said that the unification around the common goal – to take own way and develop own state – took place irrespective of the nationality, political forces or world outlooks.

The president said that recently Ukrainian citizens elected the new parliament. Representatives of the ruling party and opposition entered the parliament.

"I'm sure that despite different visions, all our voters gave their votes for the strong, independent, democratic, legal and social state. I hope that newly elected lawmakers will justify the confidence of people and will effectively work for the development and prosperity of the nation," the President said.

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