Chairman of the National Bank of Ukraine Board Ihor Prasolov does not support the introduction of exchange rate band and floating exchange rate in Ukraine, he said during a round table "Ukraine’s banking system 2013", ForUm correspondent reports.

"I am totally against the currency band. I believe that the NBU will make a flexible exchange rate, the task of the NBU is that people get used to the fact that the exchange rate in exchange offices will be moving due to the economic situation, balance of payments, liquidity, level of savings and so on," he said.

The economist also declared that the floating exchange rate can lead to a chaos in the economy, as it happened in some African countries.

In Ukraine will have a flexible course, but not floating. "The recommendations of the IMF and the National Bank of Ukraine say about a flexible exchange rate. The NBU will conduct the flexible course," he said adding that Ukraine will have a fixed rate with flexibility. 

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