Chairman of the National Bank of Ukraine Board Ihor Prasolov explained why the amount of finance on bank holdings is being reduced.

"One of the reasons is that as soon as excess liquidity appears in a bank, a very large sum goes to the foreign exchange market. Expectation of the hryvnia fall is increasing and that causes panic of the population," he explained during the round table "Ukraine’s banking system 2013", ForUm correspondent reports.

Prasolov stressed that the NBU is restricting the growth of assets in the banks, which is associated with resistance to currency speculation.

"There is also the problem that the good customers, who give good cash flow from the business, now are too refinanced. That is, companies, small, medium, which come to commercial banks, do not have sufficient collateral. As the risk-management of our banks today has drastically increased, banks are less likely to issue loans," Prasolov added.


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