Representatives of the united opposition, the UDAR Party and the All-Ukrainian Union "Freedom" (Svoboda) have left the preparatory group meeting, because the opposition demanded to sign an order on personal vote by each MP, ForUm correspondent reports.

In particular, the representative of "Freedom" Ruslan Koshulynsky read out a text of the prepared draft resolution on personal voting.

In turn, Mykola Martynenko elected to the new Parliament from the NU-NS faction, Andriy Kozhemyakin from "Fatherland", Oleksandr Bondar from "Freedom" and Iryna Herashchenko from UDAR have already signed this resolution.

Firstly, the opposition called for a 30 minute break to look through the text, but then stated that everyone presented at the meeting can sign the order without break.
However, head of the preparatory group Volodymyr Lytvyn suggested to follow the agenda, and the opposition left the hall thinking that no one wants to consider their resolution.

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