The law of Ukraine on national referendum has been published in the Voice of Ukraine governmental newspaper (№ 226 of November 28, 2012).

The law provides for a national referendum shall be a form of direct democracy in Ukraine, the way power is exercised directly by the Ukrainian people that lies in the acceptance (approval) by citizens of Ukraine (hereinafter - the citizens) decisions on national importance by secret ballot in the manner prescribed by this law .

Procedure for the preparation and holding of national referendum shall be regulated by the Constitution of Ukraine, this Law and other legislative acts of Ukraine.

The subject of a nationwide referendum may be any issues except those whose solution is not allowed by the Constitution and laws of Ukraine. Several issues about one problem may be subject for referendum.

According to the subject, national referendum may be: approval of the new version of the Constitution of Ukraine, the amendments to the Constitution of Ukraine, cancellation, invalidation the law on amendments to the Constitution of Ukraine (constitutional referendum); change the territory of Ukraine (ratification referendum); adoption or repeal of the law of Ukraine, or amendments to the law of Ukraine (legislative referendum); on any matter except of those not allowed under the Constitution of Ukraine (general referendum).

National referendum on people’s initiative shall be declared by Ukrainian President, if it is initiated in compliance with the Constitution and laws of Ukraine.

The results of expression of people's will in the national referendum shall be binding.


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