Lawyers of the mother of Oksana Makar, victim of rape and murder, believe that the court sentence is mild and intend to challenge it in the Court of Appeal. 

As the lawyer, Viktor Vasyliuk told journalists, the sentence protects interests of the accused, rather than of the suffering party. "The sentence does not solve the matter. Prysiazhniuk and Pogosian now believe they can avoid responsibility. After some time they can go out and continue their criminal activity. But next time they will have more experience and will know how to hide evidences," Vasyliuk underlined.

He added that within 15 days the lawyers would challenge the court decision, asking for life sentence for all three men. "We do not understand why there is such difference in the sentences. All three of them raped and murdered the girl and their guilt has been proved, but only Krasnoshyok has got life sentence," he said.

Moreover, the lawyer noted, none of the accused confessed, meaning they do not repent. "All of them must do life," Vasyliuk summed up.


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