The head of the National Bank of Ukraine Serhiy Arbuzov, denying another batch of rumors, said that hryvnia is not under threat of devaluation.

Moreover, according to him, there are objective conditions for the further depreciation of the dollar, "as the market runs the rate, and there was a surge of panic because of statements made by some politicians," the BBC reports.

A significant number of experts see progress of hryvnia precisely in decisive actions of the National Bank, in particular, in lobbying law on compulsory sale of 50% foreign currency earnings by exporters. Moreover, the National Bank is quite determined to combat currency speculation.
According to Serhiy Arbuzov, severe penalties will be applied to banks refusing to sell currency to the population, and thus contributing to the spread of panic and the increase in dollar rate.

A significant number of Ukrainian bankers share this opinion. The deputy chairman of the Finance and Credit bank Igor Lvov "More dollars have appeared in the interbank market, the rate will fall to 8.15 hryvnia per dollar till January," he predicted.



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