The bill on amendments to the transplantation law does not exist. There is just a concept of development of organ transplantation service, which has been submitted to the Parliament, director of the Coordinating Center for Organs, Tissues and Cells of the Healthcare Ministry Ruslan Salyutin has told a press conference in Kyiv today.

He stressed that the concept has two main points, including the norm of "presumption of consent / dissent." "However, this is not the most important issue. The most important thing is to change the structure of the transplantation service, the creation of a single structure that could coordinate all areas of life - from the transplantation of cells prior to transplantation. We need a list of potential donors, a number of special registers and regulations that exist in civilized countries. It is planned to reorganize coordinating transplantation center. Now he has lost his powers almost completely," Salyutin said.

He stressed that the Ukrainian transplantation has reached a point of no return. "This area does not exist in Ukraine - homeland of transplantation. Hundred transplants a year are performed in seven transplant centers in the country - it is negligible in comparison with the amount of transplants performed in Europe, USA and Asia. It is negligible in comparison with the amount of organ and tissue transplants needed by our citizens," Salyutin said.

According to him, in our country anatomical material for transplants from deceased donors is taken for 20-23 operations per year. "There is almost no cadaveric transplantation in Ukraine. This is a problem of society, public and religious organizations, which do not explain the importance of the issue to people," Salyutin said.



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