The introduction of a fee on sale of foreign currency for cash hryvnia will not cause problems for the citizens and will protect their interests, chairman of the National Bank of Ukraine Serhiy Arbuzov said in the interview.

"It won’t be profitable to sell currency after the introduction of the law. First, it won’t be profitable for the speculators to sell it. If an average person has bought the dollar and then the law comes into force, he has two months to decide - whether to sell this dollar without tax or not to sell. Second, if you have savings in foreign currency, you can put them on deposit. In this case, the currency can be sold without restrictions and without the 15% fee. That is the measure is introduced to prevent speculators from making money on people who do not fully understand what's going on. This law would be good to protect the interests of the people," the chairman of the NBU said.

He reminded that the purpose of the bill is to increase revenues to the Pension Fund of Ukraine, reduce the dollarization of the economy and to create legal conditions to increase public confidence in the national currency of Ukraine.

Arbuzov believes that at this stage it is important to create an objective attitude to the draft law, which provides for introducing 15% fee on sale of foreign currency for cash hryvnia.
"The challenge of this law is rumors. If you look and read the law, you will see it provides for 15% fee to the Pension Fund and it will be collected, if the law is passed, only on the sale of currency," Arbuzov said.



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