Moscow created the All-Russian public organization "Ukrainian Congress of Russia" (UCR).

This decision was supported unanimously during the founding congress of the organization on Saturday at the Ukrainian Cultural Center in Moscow.

58 delegates from different regions of Russia attended the congress. Lyubov Dyachenko was elected as a chairman of UCR.

According to her, after the congress documents were submitted to the Justice Ministry of Russia for the registration of this organization.

According to the charter of the Ukrainian Congress of Russia, the main goal is an association of Ukrainian organizations in Russia to revive, study, develop and distribute the Ukrainian culture, develop the national identity and protect their legitimate rights and interests, as well as establishment of close relations with their ethnic home – Ukraine and Ukrainians living in other countries.

The main objectives of UCR are maintenance and development of the historical, cultural and spiritual heritage of the Ukrainian people and preservation, study and promotion of the Ukrainian language among Ukrainians in Russia.

The UCR intends to cooperate with the authorities of the Russian Federation on issues of national and cultural needs of the citizens of Ukrainian origin.


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