Polish government believes that it has managed to maintain good relations with Ukraine and other eastern neighbors, but regrets that the country has failed to achieve the EU enlargement to the east, deputy foreign minister of Poland Katarzyna Pełczyńska-Nałęcz told a conference in Wroclaw, dedicated to the Polish eastern policy.

"We see that for the two decades Poland has had good relations with its neighbors. Maybe it was not the neighborhood of our dreams and the events that took place in these countries do not pass under the script of Poland or Europe. But this neighborhood has not brought any threat to Poland's security level, which is an obvious success," the deputy foreign minister said.

She considers that the negative changes in the countries of Eastern Europe are the result of internal processes in these countries.

"So frustrations experienced by Polish politicians in the East were inevitable," Pełczyńska-Nałęcz added.



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