Date of doomsday is speculation on the feelings of believers and spiritual ignorance, Archimandrite Father Longin told a press conference "Doomsday: truth and speculation", ForUm correspondent reports.

"The church has a negative attitude to statements like: doomsday will come on a certain date, in a certain year. Just some false prophets are trying to make a name for themselves," he said.
According to him, our knowledge about the last hours of this world are driven from the Holy Scripture - the prophecy of Daniel in the Old Testament, the teachings of Jesus Christ, the Epistles, the Gospels, the Apocalypses.
The priest said that all the holy fathers who could do the prophecies have always related to their interpretation very carefully. "From the Orthodox point of view, the doomsday is not the disappearance of all life, but the qualitative change of life for all humanity. That is, we expect the second coming of Jesus Christ, the time when the evil will leave this planet and there will be a new earth. In this regard, we are given the prophecies of the events preceding this - 3.5 years of the Antichrist ruling and the increase in the number of natural disasters as well as social, ranging from family breakdown, ending the policy," Archimandrite said.

According to Father Longin, the world will end when evil reaches its climax and no specific date can not be here. According to him, judging from the Holy Scripture, God often put off the date of his prophecies or even changed them only because of the behavior of people, their moral and internal state for them to repent.

In turn, present at the press conference astrologer of the Kyiv school of astrology Viktor Bazilei said that the doomsday can not happen in one day. "If there the end of light at its direct sense, direct tool for astrology disappears. None of astrologers predict that," Bazilei summed up.

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