The new Criminal Procedure Code has entered into force after six months of its publication.

The new Criminal Procedure Code changes the approach to the investigation of crimes.

In particular, the Code introduces the term "materials of criminal proceedings" instead of the term "criminal case", and the term "criminal offense" is divided into two components "crime" and "criminal offense."

The Code does not need to take a formal act on a criminal case and abolishes refusal institute to initiate the criminal case.

The new Code humanizes the application of preventive measures against suspects.

Besides, now only a lawyer included into the Unified Register of Advocates can be a defender in the criminal proceedings. Relatives, as well as independent lawyers, who are not in the Unified Register of Advocates, can not be the defenders.

In addition, the Code introduces a new figure - the investigative judge, who deals with judicial supervision over the observance of human rights, freedoms and interests of persons in criminal proceedings.

The CPC also establishes the limits of pre-trial investigation and court proceedings, including 6 months for non-grave crimes and 12 months for serious and very serious crimes.

The prosecution and defense are given the equal rights in evidence gathering, as well as providing them to the court for determination of guilt or innocence.


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