Ukraine wants to increase its gas purchases in Europe on short-term contracts, which would violate the existing contract with Russia, president of the Russian Gas Society Valery Yazev said during the X International Forum "Gas of Russia - 2012"on Tuesday, November 20.

"Gas purchase on the European gas market under short-term contracts corresponds to commitment taken by Ukraine to the South East Europe Energy Community," Yazev said.

He noted that last year Ukraine purchased 40 billion cubic meters of Russian gas, this year - 26 billion cubic meters and in 2013 plans to buy only 20 billion cubic meters. Ukraine intends to purchase 5 billion cubic meters in the West, for what it has shifted part of gas transmission facilities to the reverse mode, he added.

"Reduction of gas purchases are a violation of our long-term contract signed until 2019. We are guided by long-term contracts in relations with Ukraine," Yazev said.

At the same time, he called bargaining on gas prices between Ukraine and Russia a normal process between the seller and the buyer.

In addition, he stressed that within the CIS free trade area, Ukraine is striving for access to Russian gas transportation system to transport Turkmen natural gas.

Yazev said that Ukraine continues developing gas production in the Black Sea, increases coal generation and also begins to build a liquefied natural gas terminal.

He emphasized that the difficult situation in the international market forces Russia to sell gas in the Asian-Pacific Region.

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