The Healthcare Ministry has developed and submitted to the Verkhovna Rada a bill, according to which every Ukrainian can become an organ donor after death, if he fails to write relevant refusal when alive.

The relevant bill is on the study of the parliamentary committee on health.

"Then the bill must be submitted to the Parliament. However I think that it will be under the new convocation," the director of the Coordinating Center for transplantation of organs, tissues and cells of the Healthcare Ministry Ruslan Salyutin.

Meanwhile, the Healthcare Ministry chief transplant surgeon Oleksandr Nikonenko said that "seven transplant centers are ready for a permanent job, but the corpse donation is practically blocked."

"In our country we do a hundred kidney transplants, one heart transplant and 12-14 – liver transplants a year, - he said. – There are more than two thousand people in need of kidney transplant, about one thousand - liver transplant, 500-700 people - of heart transplant every year.
After the death of a person, his relatives may give consent to transplant his organs, but usually relatives are in a difficult psychological state, and often refuse".

Nikonenko also noted that Ukrainian authors of the bill focused on the experience of Russia, Belarus, Italy, and Austria.

Hospitals are to employ experts to look for potential donors in intensive care and to inform the transplant centers of them.

"If the council of physicians at the hospital finds patient brain-dead, his organs may be recuperated after a conversation with the relatives," Nikonenko said.

However, according to him, even if the bill is passed, the relatives will have the right to ban recuperating organs from the dead.

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