There is a high level of male mortality in Ukraine, deputy head of the Maternal and Child Health department of the Healthcare Ministry of Ukraine Valentyn Kolomeichuk told a press conference.
"Ukraine is in deep demographic crisis. It is characterized by such things as a low level of reproduction and high mortality among men," she said.

According to Kolomeichuk, boys are born more than girls in Ukraine today. However, as evidenced by demographic data, there is a high mortality rate among men after 39 years old.

In turn, head of the department of the demographic processes quality of the Institute of Demography and Social Studies Iryna Kurylo noted that the life expectancy of Ukrainian men is 10-12 years less than in the EU.

"The main demographic problem in Ukraine is, in our opinion, not a low birth rate, but a problem of high mortality rate and low levels of public health," Kurylo summed up.

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