Yesterday, on November 15, the Kyivkhlib bakery company lowered the cost of sliced loaf “Kyivsky” and the "Ukrainian" bread prices, increased on November 12, the Kyivkhlib press service informs.

"The Kyiv City State Administration, the Kyiv municipal territorial office of the Antimonopoly Committee of Ukraine and the PJSC Kyivkhlib conducted careful analysis of the feasibility of price increase for popular kinds of bakery products - sliced loaf “Kyivsky” and the "Ukrainian" bread. As a result, possibility of partial price for these kinds were following the advice of the AMC on bringing prices to a level that would have been possible under the conditions of existence of significant competition in the market.

Thus, since November 15, 2012, the selling price of the company for the Ukrainian bread is 4.02 UAH (before price cut - 4.68), for sliced loaf “Kyivsky” - 3.30 UAH (previously - 3.84 UAH)," the Kyivkhlib press service informs.



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