Talks on finalizing the free trade area agreement in services with the CIS, which have began at the expert level on Thursday, November 15, are to be completed in May for further consideration at the CIS Economic Council and then at the meeting of heads of government, Government Plenipotentiary for Cooperation with the Russian Federation, States-Participants of CIS,. EurAsEC and other Regional Groupings Valery Muntiyan said.

He noted that all the CIS member states have expressed interest in the document, so experts of all eleven countries will discuss the project.

The free trade area agreement in services is extremely important for Ukraine, as the trade in services with the CIS has almost 40% share of the total trade in services.
Muntiyan stressed that Ukraine sells services to all the CIS countries, but the largest partner is Russia. Export of services in Russia gives $ 5.6 billion a year. In Belarus - 155 million, Kazakhstan - 161 million, Uzbekistan - 187 million, Turkmenistan - 153 million, Moldova - 66 million, Azerbaijan - 29 million, Armenia - 13 million, Tajikistan – 6 million, Kyrgyzstan - 3.7 million.

In general, Ukraine exports transportation services - road, rail and pipeline transportation, rental of transportation, professional services, communications services, and other services related to the business.

Muntiyan noted that trade in services has substantial share in the overall structure of Ukraine's GDP - up to 56%.



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