The Central Election Commission may increase the time for registration of MPs if there exist valid reasons, the CEC decision on examination of documents of persons elected deputies in the national multi-mandate and single-mandate constituencies in the elections on October 28 reads.

According to the approved procedure, an elected deputy shall address to the CEC with the application for valid reasons that prevent him from meeting requirements of filing documents necessary for the registration as an MP not later than twenty days upon the date of publication of the official election results.

Upon review of the address, the CEC decides to recognize the reasons valid and sets another deadline for registration as an MP, or deny these reasons recognizing them invalid.

In addition, under certain conditions, the CEC may recognize the person elected as an MP that who has no parliamentary mandate. In particular, the CEC identified three such conditions: failure to file the documents necessary for the registration as an MP, filing application for refusal of the parliamentary mandate, other reasons regarding the termination of Ukrainian citizenship, leaving Ukraine for permanent residence or seeking political shelter, recognition of citizen to lack dispositive legal capacity, the entry into force of a judgment of conviction for committing an intentional crime or in case of death.



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