The state should consider the possibility of inclusion of warehouse receipts for physical assets, grain and metal in particular, in the National Bank foreign exchange reserves, president of the Ukrainian Analytical Center Oleksandr Okhrimenko said.

"According to Ukrainian legislation, the warehouse receipts are securities. They can be emitted, bought and sold," Okhrimenko said.

According to him, the Ukrainian economy is too dependent on rates, despite the fact that any currency depreciates. The expert called no coincidence the fact that during the crisis businessmen get rid of the currency, acquiring tangible assets - precious metals, real estate, mineral reserves. "In 2009, for example, there was a boom of oil derivatives," Okhrimenko said.

In addition, he drew attention to the fact that the "commodity" way of creation of reserves bears risk of fluctuations in their volumes because of price fluctuations for the specific product - grain or metal.

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