Foreign Ministry of Russia declares that nobody forces Ukraine into the Customs Union using economic leverages.

First deputy FM of Russia Andrey Denisov said Wednesday that joining or not joining is country's choice, and Russia does not force Ukraine using gas as an economic leverage. He also underlined that CU members have a right to provide preferences and concessions to stimulate mutual goods turnover.

According to him, Ukraine's authorities must answer the question why Ukraine does not decide to join the Customs Union while there is obvious economic advantage.

Denisov pointed out that Ukraine is a country of Europe and has powerful economy, but it also needs market outlets.

According to the official, Customs Union is open for new members and is now holding talks with Kirgizia and Tajikistan.

At the same time, Denisov noted that EuroAsian union could be effective also without Ukraine. "It will do well with or without Ukraine. The point is that the bigger the market and economic potential of the country-members, the better for the integration process," Russian official summed up.


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