30% of Kyiv schoolchildren at the age between 13 and 16 demonstrate signs of computer addiction, director of the Center for research and education innovations and monitoring Oksana Denysiuk told a press conference, ForUm correspondent reports.

According to her, such results were shown by the monitoring research, held by the center in 2011-2012 among Kyiv schoolchildren at the age between 13 and 16.

"92.6% of teens prefer internet to other mass media. 65% of respondents visit daily their pages in social networks, chats and forums, 12% visit dating sites, 2.4% - websites for adults," Denysiuk informed.

The survey has also revealed that 30% of respondents demonstrate signs of computer dependence. "33% of schoolchildren admit they regularly check their e-mails and social network pages, 26% of respondents say their hobby is computer games, 6% believe communication through internet is better than real life meetings, 15% of teens admit they do not know what do if internet access is cut off and 20% of pupils keep hold on their mobiles," the specialist noted.

Denysiuk reminded that among symptoms of computer dependence there are eating at computer table, spending more and more time in internet, aggression, temper, sleep disorder.


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