The Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine is preparing exploratory studies on the concentration of state support for ensuring economic growth, Prime Minister Mykola Azarov said during the Cabinet’s meeting, ForUm correspondent reports.

"At the last meeting of the government I set the task for the Ministries and departments to make proposals on the concentration of state support for ensuring economic growth through the introduction of new approaches to support branches of the Ukrainian economy. There are developments that focus on promotion of the development of the internal market and reducing Ukraine's dependence on external economic conditions, and on gaining competitive advantages and support of domestic exports to foreign markets," Azarov said.

According to him, this work has been joined by leading scientific institutions of the state and the National Bank of Ukraine.

"Now the Trade ad Economy Ministry should compile proposals and jointly with the Finance Ministry and other departments to balance them according to years, directions and instruments of state support. I think that business community and the banking sector, the leading national scientists and experts should be involved in this work as well. The interagency working group should be created.
As a result, we should get a strategic long-term plan, backed by investment, credit resources and other stimulus measures - from the fiscal to the institutional ones. It must be designed for the medium term with the definition of the indicators at each stage," the PM said.

According to him, exploratory studies may be considered at the Cabinet’s meeting in two weeks.
"I want to emphasize that there are many sectors which with due support will show striking results.
However, we have to concentrate on the most promising and specific projects," the Prime Minister said.



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