Head of the Eurasian Department of the Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs James Livneh notes that there is no room for anti-Semitic statements in the friendly relations between Ukraine and Israel.

Responding a question about how Israel perceived the entering of the All-Ukrainian Union "Freedom" (Svoboda) the Parliament of Ukraine, the diplomat said: "Anti-Semitism relates to the countries with such a problem, not to Israel and the Jewish people".

He stressed that the Jewish state cannot ignore such things as anti-Semitism.

"We are closely monitoring the elections in Ukraine, and now we will follow very closely the activities of the All-Ukrainian Union "Freedom" (Svoboda). Of course, the anti-Semitic remarks made by some leaders of the party are totally unacceptable for us, and we hope that after the party enters the Parliament, the position of its leaders will be more responsible," Livneh said.

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