The Central Election Commission appealed to the leaders of political parties and MPs candidates to urgently inform the account to the cash collateral should be transferred.

The CEC reminded that, according to Part 6.4 of Art. 56 of the law of Ukraine on parliamentary elections, political party, which wins under party lists and the political party whose nominated candidate in single-member constituency wins, shall be returned cash collateral to the account of the party.

The CEC asks the parties to urgently (till November 15, 2012) submit their applications to the department of accounting and reporting to the Commission, indicating the account number to which cash collateral is to be transferred.

The CEC also warned that in case of late submission of documents to the Central Election Commission, cash collateral shall be transferred to the State Budget of Ukraine within eight days from the day of official publication of election results in accordance with Part 7, Article 56 of the law of Ukraine on parliamentary elections.



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