The results of the parliamentary elections in Ukraine were published on November 13 in the official parliamentary newspaper - Voice of Ukraine.

Under the law on the parliamentary elections of Ukraine, the deadline for the official publication of the parliamentary election results in the Voice of Ukraine (Holos Ukrainy) and Governmental Courier (Uriadovy Kurier) newspapers is set until November 17, 2012, inclusively.

The October 28, 2012 elections were conducted under a mixed system with 225 MPs elected on party lists and 225 in single-seat constituencies.

The Central Election Commission announced the results of count of party list ballots on November 10. Winners in single-seat constituencies were declared on November 12.

Overall, 225 deputies have been elected on party lists, including 72 from the Party of Regions, 62 from Batkivshchyna, 34 from UDAR, 32 from the Communist Party and 25 from Svoboda.

Two hundred and twenty deputies have been elected in the single-mandate districts, including 113 from the Party of Regions, 39 from Batkivshchyna, 12 from Svoboda Party, 6 from UDAR, 3 from the United Center, 2 from the People's Party, one each from the Soyuz (Union) Party and from the Oleh Liashko's Radical Party, and 43 independent candidates.

In all, 445 deputies have been elected in the single mandate districts and by party lists, including 185 from the Party of Regions, 101 from Batkivshchyna, 40 from UDAR, 37 from Svoboda, 32 from the Communists, 3 from the United Center, 2 from the People's Party, 1 from the Union Party, 1 from the Liashko's Radical Party and 43 independent candidates.

The Central Election Commission has announced that repeat elections will be ordered on the Verkhovna Rada's recommendation in five single-mandate constituencies in Kyiv, Mykolaiv and Cherkasy regions, and in Kyiv, where the results could not be established.


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