During the hot line held on November 12 by the Segodnya newspaper, director of the NBU Foreign Exchange Reserve Department Oleksandr Dubikhvist said that the National Bank of Ukraine conducts systematic work aimed at reducing the level of dollarization of the economy.

"The National Bank is working purposefully in that direction. There is the need to continue increasing level of use of the national currency, respectively, reducing the level of foreign currency," Dubikhvist said.

"We developed a bill banning to mention prices in dollars and other currencies in advertising (internet, outdoor, TV and other forms of advertising). After all the calculations in the currency cannot always testify rightful monetary transactions involving the payment of all necessary taxes to the budget of our country," director of the NBU Foreign Exchange Reserve Department said during the hot line.

On November 6, the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine passed in the first reading the bill #11121, providing for prices in advertising shall be mentioned in national currency only.

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