Ukrainian Prime Minister Mykola Azarov addressed the leaders of the political parties represented in the Parliament with a proposal to start negotiations on formation of a broad coalition, the press service of the CMU reported.

"The scale of tasks facing the country in the difficult global economic conditions needs a consolidation, not a confrontation. We are ready for serious discussion on problematic issues," the head of the government said.

Azarov noted that it is much more difficult to take concrete actions than "participate in various shows and talk about good life."

According to the Prime Minister, now Ukraine is in much better conditions than, for example, in March of 2010. But the challenges that now face the economy are very serious.

"So if we think about the future of our country, we should forget about our ambitions and confrontation, but unite and work for the benefit of our country," he called on.

"The next elections will be in two and a half years, so give us at least one year for a quiet life. And we have enough time to take consolidation decisions. You can begin in a year again. In one year and a half, the presidential campaign will start," Azarov said.

According to him, now everyone can show his real face to the people. "We must work together for the benefit of our people," the head of the government stressed.


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